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Delivery New LAGOON SIXTY 7

Delivery New LAGOON SIXTY 7

OCEAN DRIVE is pleased to announce the sale of the new LAGOON Sixty 7 delivered last week in Bordeaux, at CNB shipyard.

This Power Catamaran is a subtle combination of luxury, comfort and style, but also simplicity and efficiency. With the utmost attention to finishes, this is the spirit of the SIXTY 7. Open and uninterrupted spaces harmoniously connect the interior and the exterior, giving you the best of both worlds. On board the SIXTY 7, luxury and comfort go hand in hand with space and light ...
Several configurations are possible: 4,5,6 cabins with panoramic galley version or side version.

For more information, contact us. OCEAN DRIVE is the Lagoon official distributor for the Power range in South of France.

Thank you to Armel & his Team for their professionalism and rigor during this delivery and we wish fair winds to the Owners!

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