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OCEAN DRIVE’s 20th Anniversary

OCEAN DRIVE’s 20th Anniversary

Behind the Ocean Drive yachting success story there is Renaud Canivet - former captain, dealer and yacht broker - who has always been very fond of the famous American boulevard Ocean Drive in Florida : a path towards the Ocean...

The adventure starts in 1999 with the Italian « Baia » shipyard as they became exclusive dealers for France and Monaco. They knew a striking success then with more than 70 boats sold in 10 years. A stepping stone in Ocean Drive history.

During the year 2000, Catherine Canivet joins her husband to handle all administrative matters related to the office which was now strong of 4 team members including a charter manager, a captain and technical consultant and its CEO and founder Renaud.

This is when the Charter business increases for Ocean Drive (OD) since the sales of numerous Baia boats came with additional requests from Owners who wished for their investment to be cost-effective.
It was only natural OD offered to help them charter their boat in order to balance their running costs, and by then, created a whole new thriving department.

A new encounter between Renaud and another Italian shipyard called Campanella opened an opportunity for OD to become representative for the MONDO MARINE shipyard, known for their steel hull constructions.
Within 10 years, OD completed 6 purchase order for yachts between 30 to 52m ; Another stepping stone which allowed the company to establish her authority as a respected member of the Yachting industry.

In 2004, the company expands and welcomes another sales broker, a maintenance operative and a technician so that they could answer to all of its Clientele’s demanding requests
Consequently, they open a new department who will handle all legal and regulations matter : Ocean Drive Management.

The same year, Ocean Drive starts getting closer to a famous English brand « Pearl Yachts » which completes perfectly the range of new yachts the company offers, with its flybridge options from 50 to 75 feet.

To consolidate the company’s reputation in quality services, and seeking a further certification to ascertain unparalleled rigor in the regulations application, Ocean Drive applies to the NF certification in 2004, which was only granted to two companies in the yachting scene.
Following this initiative, a few years later, Ocean Drive developed a management software entirely designed for the yachting industry and its very specific requirements.

On the charter front, to increase its reach Ocean Drive then applies for a YACHTFOLIO membership: an international database gathering all yachts available for charter worldwide. A few years later, the company became member of the leading association of Yacht brokers in the market: MYBA as a B2B networking tool and for informative purposes with regards to the evolving regulations for charter worldwide.

Ocean Drive (OD) aims to always remain « at the cutting edge of yachting” and following that logic, the company became exclusive dealers for the innovative shipyard Arcadia Yachts for France.
This collaboration was born from a sincere friendship with the yacht designer Francesco Guida who one day came to present his revolutionary project, which immediately seduced OD’s Founder.

Still today, Renaud believes that this project « reinvented the yachting industry».
10 years later, the results is more than positive with more than 60% of the production sold by Ocean Drive. Since then, OD remains in close collaboration with this ever evolving shipyard, conscious of the new generation, and needs facing new challenges, from new technologies to energy management.

Recently, Ocean Drive has shown a growing interest for two new shipyards specialised in sailing yachts and catamaran, to expand its range as well as its strong will to evolve towards an ethical way of enjoying yachting, seeking a more respectful approach towards nature and our oceans.

It is therefore with great emotion that Renaud and his team, will celebrate OD’s 20 years this coming September : a boutique office which has managed to constantly evolve and adapt in order to offer a tailored service to its loyal clients they are grateful they met and served over the years, for their continuous trust and vision whilst confiding their yachting projects to Ocean Drive!

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