It is important to know what type of yacht you wish to charter as this will determine and define the yacht selection. If you’re planning a cruise with just two couples, then looking for a yacht with two fairly equal suites is advisable. If you have children, then you’ll want more cabins, often with twin berths or bunk beds. Do you wish to charter with several couples? Larger yachts are also available and can provide the required space and accommodation so that everybody feels equally comfortable.

As a starting point, a professional charter broker can advise you on the best destinations depending on the time of year and will match your needs (and budget) with the perfect yacht and crew.

Simply specify your dates to your charter broker and he/she will provide you with a selection of yachts available in season.

Choosing a charter yacht has much in common with buying a summer house. With a summer house, you would choose where you want to live; with a yacht, the question is where you want to go. Many potential charterers are not fixed on a particular destination - that’s why we recommend checking out our destinations proposals.

Your charter broker will advise you on the best destinations for the time of year you wish to cruise in.

It is good to know that the maximum number of guests allowed by law on many charter yachts is 12. Depending on the number of guests and how many
cabins you require, your charter broker will select the most suitable yachts.

Also, we will guide you with the cabin configuration and lay out necessary to create the desired atmosphere on board and best reflect your personality and mood.

In order to send you a suitable offer, it is always helpful to know your budget allocated to the charter in order to focus the selection of charter yachts around your needs. Your charter broker will also advise you of the estimated related expenses on board in order to give you a full picture of the overall cost.

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