A new way to experience the sea, with Innovation and Ethical values to the fore. Because sailing is a privilege that should be experienced without ostentations, rushing or any kind of waste.

To enjoy the sea whilst respecting Nature and the economic value of every single action. A real commitment made of style and substance. A project that has become a new point of reference for the sector in just a few years.

This is our “ecological dream”, which takes place in three different key steps: starting from the ECO THINK philosophy to ECO TECH innovations, up to a new onboard experience, ECO LIVING.


To be in perfect tune with Nature and the Sea. A “green” approach which reflects in everything we do, in our everyday life, at work and when making big decisions. This is a lifestyle that Arcadia Yachts has managed to bring into the nautical sector through an idea that has combined together “luxury” and “ethical sense”, appreciation and respect for the environment. An “ecological idea” which translates into eco-friendly solutions, that reduces consumption and environmental impact.

To enjoy the sea in a more free and responsible way. Because the future of yachting is a little greener every day.


The most advanced technological research and the best Italian creativity to generate innovative and efficient solutions that define a new “sustainable” frontier in yachting:

  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN with a distinct personal touch, to better integrate shapes and components and reach the highest eco-friendly performance
  • Double glazing SOLAR PANELS integrated within the superstructure. This feature ensures maximum comfort whilst recharging the batteries and powering all utilities and services on-board. This is the only way to reduce the use of generators
  • HYDRODYNAMIC EFFICIENCY of the semi-displacement hull which requires limited engine power, guaranteeing low consumption, emissions and maintenance costs
  • SOPHISTICATED SYSTEMS which provide waste water treatment to avoid pollution
  • Optional HYBRID PROPULSION to sail up to 8 knots with “zero emissions” in absolute silence
  • ARCADIA ASSEMBLING SYSTEM which minimizes the waste materials during the building stage, the use of paints, and helps reduce construction times.


The pleasure of immersing yourself in the most beautiful sceneries that Nature can offer. A breath-taking view from the entire living area thanks to wide and unique panoramic windows. Very comfortable sailing thanks to the special marine features of the semi-displacement hull and complete soundproofing. A true feeling of peace as the generators shut down and the sun gives us its energy.

An unprecedented sensation of liveability provided by the distinctive design of the superstructure and the voluminous hull which guarantees a habitability of the highest class.Total privacy ensured by fast-gliding “filtravedo” sun screens.Perfect continuity between interior and exterior design, expressed through wide panoramic windows and a cockpit of surprising size: a true patio over the sea, which offers a comfortable and sheltered outdoor living.

Furnishings are designed by the best known brands of the “Made in Italy”, and present a sober and sophisticated style of the highest quality.

All of this translates in to “a Yacht in perfect harmony with Nature” without ever compromising on style and your own living standards.

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