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Arcadia Yachts - An Excellent Technology

Arcadia Yachts - An Excellent Technology

Drawing inspiration from consolidated technologies, ARCADIA designs yachts that are synonymous with innovation and excellence, placing man at centre stage: life’s pleasures accompany the Yacht owner on board, in seamless spaces where you can rediscover real contact with nature.

Green efficiency
Respecting the natural heritage is a fundamental value for ARCADIA: that is why the Yachting Renaissance focuses on man and aims to encourage ethical behaviour.

Low-consumption sailing
Thanks to the hull forms made in-house starting from the systematic series of London’s National Physical Laboratory, delightful sailing in an ARCADIA YACHT is 15 to 40% more efficient in terms of consumption than yachts of the major competitors. This saves the Yacht owner a considerable amount of money and the benefit for the marine environment is priceless.

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ARCADIA yachts offer stunning scenery you can simply gaze at for hours. The design is in fact studied to allow the experience of multisensorial contact with the external environment, to welcome guests with the smells and sounds of the sea and to sail in total energy efficiency, with minimal use of air conditioning, low consumption rates and soundproofing.

The Sun’s energy
ARCADIA’s continuous quest for perfection and its collaboration with leading partners has increased solar panel output by more than 30%. The energy stored in the on-board batteries enables the main appliances to be used in the road stead, without continuously using generators: comfort for guests, respect for nature.

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On-board comfort
The well-being of Yacht owners and their guests matter within the horizons of ARCADIA YACHTS, because sailing should be a unique experience where thermal insulation and soundproofing also go towards creating people-friendly environments.

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Sailing and resting in the roadstead in comfort
Comfort means enjoyable, safe sailing, and peace and quiet in the roadstead and interior spaces, where you can enjoy spending time together. The choice of hull forms is fundamental. That is why ARCARDIA re-evaluated those of the National Physical Laboratory in London. Seakeeping at cruising speed, stability, large spaces to enjoy spending time together and unparalleled sizes are the main benefits brought by ARCADIA hull forms.

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Thermal insulation
ARCADIA yachts offer a seascape experience in seamless spaces where external and internal become one. The insulating double-glazing completely surrounds guests on board, fully immersing them in the environment. The panes, which were developed with first-rate northern European partners, contain the noble gas krypton, to guarantee thermal insulation of around 18°C: equivalent to a 20-centimetre-thick brick wall.

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Sailing in an ARCADIA yacht brings guests back into the heart of the marine environment, with authentic, harmonious sounds. The engine rooms covered with multilayer sound-absorbent finishings and the silenced or submerged exhaust systems minimise perceived noise, while the Okoumè marine grade plywood panels guarantee privacy and soundproofing on board.

Seamless experience
In ancient Greece, Arcadia was an idyllic place for living in harmony with the Spirit of Nature. This philosophy lives on today on board an ARCADIA yacht, in contact with the sea, the sky and the scenery, not simply pleasing the eye, but engaging all of man’s senses.

Unique to ARCADIA yachts, the “jardin d’hiver” are created using thermal insulating double-glazing with steel or aluminium frames: the result is a lightweight boat offering a seamless sense of openness onto the world outside. The roof design also makes use of thermal insulating glass, but incorporates solar panels that capture the sunlight and convert it into energy. The windows amaze guests on board with a play of light and shadows, creating even more beautiful living areas.

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Thanks to the extensive side openings, convertible terraces and electric Up&Down windows, you can make the living space even bigger and welcome in the exterior. Sailing on an ARCADIA yacht is like opening a window onto the sea, allowing guests to feel the soft caress of the sea breeze and savour its smells whenever they wish.

The wider beam compared to boats of the same length, the extraordinary heights created by the steel and aluminium structures and the free-standing furnishings make ARCADIA boats seem even bigger and more spacious. So you can enjoy a greater sense of freedom at all times when sailing.

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