Explorer Yachts Summit 2023

Explorer Yachts Summit 2023

"What is happening at the Explorer Yacht Summit 2023?
Attendees can expect a packed programme covering all areas within the explorer yacht sector. The programme is still being finalised but topics and speakers for this year’s event will include:

The state of the explorer market
Last year’s Global Order Book saw a record number of explorer yachts under construction, but can this trend continue? And is there a continued growth in demand for go-anywhere vessels? We delve into the latest data from BOATPro to present an up-to-date overview of the market.

Keynote: Mike Horn, What’s Left?
South African-born explorer Mike Horn is known for his global adventures to remote and extreme environments. Horn’s Pole2Pole expedition included the first-ever full crossing of the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole, while his current What’s Left? mission includes a four-year circumnavigation on his 32-metre sailing yacht. Pangaea, fresh from a two-year restoration with Sunreef Yachts. Horn will discuss the important of teamwork, resilience, discipline and environmental awareness on expeditions, as well as the lessons he’s learned in the harshest conditions.

In conversation with The Explorers Club Richard Wiese
American explorer and respected field scientist Richard Wiese is the longest-serving President of the venerable Explorers Club. Adventure is in his blood: from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro aged 11 and travelling with Bedouins across Africa to cross-country skiing and the North Pole to tagging jaguars in the Yucatan jungles, Wiese has spent his career circling the globe. Along the way he has captured footage for his Emmy award-winning series Born To Explore. In this illuminating talk Wiese will reveal his adventure highlights, what exploration means today and the lessons he has learnt from a lifetime travelling the planet.

The allure of the pocket explorer
A new generation of owners is rocketing the demand for smaller vessels, with the Global Order Book indicating 70 per cent of all explorer yachts fall within the 24- to 40-metre range. To find out the benefits and the potential limitations, owners Maria Jose Sbarbi Osuna, Steve Rigby and Bob Giles join BOAT’s Stewart Campbell to discuss why they have opted for compact explorers to embark on global adventures.

Staff up: How to get the best crew for global voyages
Taking on the ice of the Antarctic or the isolation of an atoll in the South Pacific is a very different role from serving cocktails in St Tropez, so how do you ensure that your crew on board are up for the challenge? Captains share their tips on hiring (and firing) to make sure you have a harmonious group, with all the expertise required.

Decoding the deep: The importance of listening to the ocean
Our oceans are noisier than ever, with man-made sounds interfering with marine wildlife’s ability to hear natural sounds, which are essential to their survival. Renowned French bioacoustician Michel André has spent his career focusing on listening to the sea and working on projects to help lower the volume. Via his Sense of Silence Foundation and his work at the Technical University of Catalonia, he uses cutting-edge AI technology to tune in around the world - including an innovative new Ear To The Ocean (E20) buoy especially designed for explorer yachts.

What could possibly go wrong?
A superyacht expedition can throw up challenges as spectacular as the natural wonders on its itinerary. We speak to three experts – a security specialist, an insurer and an adventurous superyacht captain – to find out how to prevent disaster on the high seas, and how to extricate yourself safely in the moment.

Making better humans: inside the Fly’ Fleet
Engaging crew in philanthropy enhances the well-being of individuals, fosters higher engagement levels, extends crew longevity and ultimately elevates owner satisfaction. Leaders of The Fly’ Fleet of superyachts, which engage in regular global philanthropy, explore the transformative power of prioritising human growth and development within the yachting industry, as well as the benefits for the communities visited by yachts operating in the more remote regions of the world.

How explorer yachts can support scientific research
Yachts For Science is an organisation that brings together yacht owners and crew with marine scientists, researchers and content creators to provide access to the oceans. Renowned marine biologist Dr Paris Stefanoudis discusses how explorer yachts are key to helping support vital scientific research."

Via Boat International : https://www.boatinternational.com/luxury-yacht-events/explorer-yachts-summit/explorer-yachts-summit-programme

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