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Discover the beauty of Cannes by yacht

Discover the beauty of Cannes by yacht

There’s so much more to Cannes than cinema…

Although it’s known internationally for the annual film festival it has been hosting for 70 years, the city of Cannes is an exceptional seaside resort that guarantees a holiday you’ll never forget.

A quaint fishing village with stunning beaches, Cannes combines the spirit of a modern city with the peace and beauty of a Mediterranean cove. As well as rich culture, history and festivities, you’ll also find unique nature and architecture . Take in the Croisette and its miles of beaches, visit the Croix-des-Gardes Forest Park and stroll through the historic centre as you explore the district of Suquet, from the Saint-Pierre quay to the Old Port.

Discover an extraordinary city in style with a yacht charter

The city of Cannes is such a delight, it’s best enjoyed in luxury and comfort. Whether you’re coming to Cannes to admire the outstanding landscapes , for its exclusive nightlife or unrivalled beaches, a yacht is the perfect means of transport in which to enjoy your vacation. From the luxury accommodation to the unique way of travelling, renting a yacht elevates your stay in Cannes and guarantees to delight your family, friends and guests.

Don’t miss a thing with your yacht charter

There’s so much to see, do and experience during your visit to Cannes, you may find yourself limited by a single mode of transport such as a car.

When you rent a yacht, you’re free to explore as you like and discover a lesser-known side of the French Riviera. Access to hidden coves, idyllic islands, private marinas and more opens up the region’s most exclusive destinations and allows you unforgettable sea views.

Discover real relaxation on board your yacht

The tranquil sea and luxury fittings on your rented yacht are guaranteed to relieve you of any worry or stress; simply relax and enjoy your surroundings courtesy of an expert crew. A yacht blends the comfort of a 5-star hotel with the total freedom of being at sea, giving you access to the coast of Cannes and Mediterranean basin. The best part? Unlike a hotel room, the stunning panoramic views from your yacht change every day.

Rent a yacht to discover the new Cannes

Constantly evolving, the city of Cannes is truly dynamic and has seen exciting developments on its beaches and the famous Croisette.

New developments on the Cannes Croisette

Through both public and private investment, the famous Croisette promenade has enjoyed a new lease of life recently. From the famous high-end hotels enjoying a makeover, such as the Martinez, the Majestic and the Gray d’Albion, millions of Euros have been invested to extend, renovate and beautiful these world-famous sights.

Similarly, luxury stores lining the Croisette, from Chanel to Dior, have also been enlarged to further improve the shopper experience.

The Palais des Festivals now boasts a new multi-purpose room of over 1000sqm and a new projection room with a capacity of 500 seats. Work is scheduled to start in 2020.

Finally, Cannes City Councilis accepting tenders for landscaping to transform the Croisette’s public spaces in line with the promenade’s impressive new look.

And a new-look seafront…

Both the private beaches and public beaches of Cannes will also be subject to change. The venues and seaside establishments built on the sand will be demolished and replaced with removable structures designed to reflect Cannes’ unique aesthetic.

Discover Cannes and the surrounding landscape with a day in a yacht

Picture the scene: your yacht charter is ready and you’re about to spend your first day at sea discovering the beauty of Cannes. Our suggested itinerary would be…

Discover Ocean Drive’s complete yacht charter service

Renting a yacht for a cruise on the Cannes coast is an unforgettable experience and the organisation and planning can be plain sailing. To enjoy your yacht charter to the fullest and ensure your vacation goes without a hitch, you need a renowned local professional like Ocean Drive by your side.

Locally located, Ocean Drive has specialised in luxury yachting for over 20 years. Our unrivalled knowledge of the region guarantees you a full service yacht charter in Cannes, so you can sit back and relax knowing everything is taken care of.

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