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Discover the magic of the Italian Riviera with a rented yacht

Discover the magic of the Italian Riviera with a rented yacht

Northern Italy’s stunning coastline is yours to explore

Like the Côte d’Azur, or French Riviera, the Italian Riviera offers breathtaking landscapes and a unique architectural heritage, stretching from Ventimiglia to the town of La Spezia. Also known as the Ligurian Riviera, this 175 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline is traversed by the ancient Via Aurelia Roman road, offering a chance to explore a diverse range of sights and historical architecture .

The best way to fully enjoy the coastal riches of northern Italy is undoubtedly via the sea , enjoying all the comfort of a yacht. This exclusive means of transport lets you enjoy everything the Italian Riviera has to offer, whether that’s basking in the sunshine at Sanremo’s charming port, wandering Genoa’s picturesque old town between the mountains and sea, or recharging your batteries in the natural park peninsula of Portofino

Why choose an exceptional yacht to discover Italy’s hidden gems?

As the Italian Riviera is one of the Mediterranean’s most stunning destinations, it’s no surprise that its winding streets are filled to bursting with tourists during the summer holidays.

With this in mind, navigating the Italian Riviera by sea is one way to ensure you can access the region’s most popular tourist destinations easily and freely, so you can make the most of your time in northern Italy. The rental of a luxury boat or yacht is a fantastic solution to ensure you won’t miss any of this stunning coastline’s locations, including hidden islands and creeks inaccessible by land, all whilst enjoying unrivalled comfort and freedom.

As well as granting you total freedom of movement and independence renting a yacht offers you a mobile hub for the entirety of your stay. There’s no need to pack and unpack suitcases or change hotels every few days; your luxurious yacht filled with home comforts is with you every step of the way, saving you time and relieving any stress.

Renting a yacht also provides bespoke servicestailored to your precise needs on holiday, for example recreational and sporting equipment:

Your itinerary for a perfect yachting trip on the Italian Riviera

The holidays are finally here and, with a week booked aboard a private rented yacht, you’re looking forward to sailing the calm waters of Italy’s sensational northern coast.

Arriving in the south of France you step aboard yourluxurious private yacht before casting off and setting sail for the island of Gallinara. You decide to enjoy lunch aboard the yacht, prepared and served with care by the on-board staff to your taste, whilst taking in the dramatic landscapes. In the afternoon, continue your journey along the Italian Riviera to the magical harbour of Portofino , just south of the famous Genoa. This little corner of paradise is a former fishing village, boasting rugged cliffs lined with pastel-coloured homes and lush flora in every direction. This Mecca for the international Jet Set is also known for its luxury shops and seafood restaurants, such as Da O Batti.

The next morning, explore the coast by sea before stopping to drop anchor in Sestri Levanti. This tucked-away jewel of the Italian Riviera has for centuries drawn crowds to its spectacular landscapes, including great artists, poets and writers. After lunch, cruise along the historic coast of Cinque Terre , named for the 5 fishing villages nestled in its coves. In the evening, relax in the small port of Porto Venere, a 12th-century fortified town and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend the night at the Bay of Poets before visiting the islands of La Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.

As the sun rises on your third day of luxury yacht cruising, head for the island of Elba, the largest island in the Tuscan archipelago, where you can enjoy a fine lunch after a morning spent bathing and playing water sports in the crystal clear waters. As the day draws to a close, head towards Porto Azzuro, the island’s largest city, to spend the night and spend a day or two exploring every corner of Elba. Discover the white sandy beaches of Golfo Stella, Capoliveri, Golfo di Campo, Fetovaia and Portoferraio.

Later in the week, wake up and cast adrift from the island of Elba and visit the cape of Corsica , where you can anchor by the wild and volcanic island of Capraia. After lunch, sail towards Cape Corse along Macinaggio, before stopping for the night at the beautiful Baie Sainte-Marie.

There’s no better time than sunrise to start exploring the mainland. And, before ending your unforgettable luxury cruise, make a final stop in the bay of Cannes near the Lérins islands, an idyllic spot with exceptional architecture and surroundings.

Your dream yacht cruise on the Italian Riviera made simple with Ocean Drive

Renting a yacht requires thorough planning and local knowledge, so ensure your trip is smooth sailing with the help and support of an experienced local professional like Ocean Drive.

Located right on the French Riviera near the Italian coastline, Ocean Drive has been an expert in luxury yachting for over 20 years. The Ocean Drive team offers detailed knowledge of the northern region of Italy, whilst also offering a full service to ensure there are no unexpected surprises on your cruise.

There’s no time to lose! Contact Ocean Drive today to discuss your yacht rental and discover the stunning Italian Riviera.

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