This route will take you to the most exclusive destinations in the world where you will find Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury boutiques, exclusive nightlife and peaceful anchorages for water sports. Corsica is one of the true jewels of the Mediterranean which will enchant you. You can also combine a route with the North of Sardinia or towards the Amalfi Coast.

Day 1: Calvi

You will arrive at Calvi airport to embark at the port in the morning. From this charming port city Corsica, you will appreciate its old citadel, its long ramparts and its picturesque marina, ideal to browse the shops and stop to appreciate the view. This afternoon, you can sail to the red rocks of the Girolata National Park which is one of the best kept secrets of yachting in the Mediterranean and will dazzle you with its beauty. The captain will find a quiet anchorage to enjoy your first night aboard under the stars. The next day, departure at dawn to the Scandola National Park.

Day 2: Ajaccio

Enjoy a morning in the turquoise waters of the Scandola Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of France’s marine protected areas. There is no better destination to paddle and discover its rocky structures in caldera that correspond to an old volcano collapsed at sea. At the end of the day join the port of Ajaccio to discover this charming imperial city once named city of coral which is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Day 3: Porticcio

This morning you will stop for a swim in the bay of Porticcio, famous seaside resort known for its sandy beaches and turquoise waters where you can also enjoy the panorama of hills and lush maquis. This afternoon, you will discover Saparella Reserve, a magical place that extends over 150 hectares of wilderness. Saparella is the city that houses the reserve of the same name; it is the essential stop during your stay in Corsica.
Day 4: Propriano
On this 4th day, you will have the opportunity to visit Propriano and its surrounding villages. the main street of this picturesque town is lined with traditional architecture and is full of cafes and designer shops, ideal for strolling before it gets too hot. The famous Corsican village of Campomoro offers an ideal setting for a lunch away from the busiest ports.

Day 5: Roccapina

While continuing your descent towards the south of the island, you will discover today the wild beach and the Lion of Roccapina, a small wonder of the nature which is located halfway between Bonifacio and Sartène. The spray, the wind and the rains shaped the pink granite creating a monumental work representing a lion lying facing the Mediterranean. This granite beast is the guardian of the Genoese tower of Roccapina ... This site will amaze you with its almost unreal beauty, especially at sunset. Change of scenery guaranteed ...

Day 6: Lavezzi Islands

This night, you will sail towards the most southern point of France, the Lavezzi Islands; an archipelago of 23 islands, islets and granite reefs located south-east of Bonifacio. Access to the archipelago is only by sea and only the island of Cavallo is inhabited east of Cape Sperone and the port of Piantarella. You will appreciate the exclusive character and the unique atmosphere of the most mysterious island in the world which is one of the most secret jewels of the Mediterranean. At the end of the day, join the most emblematic city of Corsica: Bonifacio.

Day 7: Bonifacio

At sunset you will discover the charm of these beautiful white cliffs and make a majestic entrance to the famous port of Bonifacio, before going to visit this picturesque capital and its narrow streets built on a peninsula of limestone. From the heights of Bonifacio and in good weather, it is possible to admire the Sardinian coast.

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