2015 76.6m 18 Guests

Main Characteristics

76.6 m
13 m
Motor Yacht
12000 Nm
Cruising Speed
11 knots
Max Speed
15 knots




Yersin was built by the French shipyard Piriou who successfully combined a very high level of technicality with the elegance of an exceptional ship.
Built as “S.O.L.A.S, Cleanship, ICE 1C Passenger Ship”, she provides the top maritime safety standards to date. Yersin can access the world’s most remote destinations and ice covered areas with her reinforced hull over her entire length. She is designed for long-range transoceanic sailing in extreme conditions (-20 C°, + 50 C°) on oceans, rivers and lakes, with a high degree of reliability in all weather and seas conditions. The vessel integrates clean technologies to ensure a minimal impact on the ocean, taking environmental friendliness to new heights.
Yersin has a remarkable fuel efficiency. At a cruising speed of 11 knots, her electric propulsion gives the ship a consumption rate of 360-litres of fuel per hour, at nine knots, the consumption drops to 180-litres per hour.
Her biological treatment plant recycles all waste-water. Some UV lights eradicate the remaining bacteria, this water can be used to ballast or wash the deck. A waste-water ballast are preferred instead of seawater in order to prevent the spread of invasive species across the ocean. Yersin engines exhaust circulates through Particle filters to prevent 99.8% of the soot from entering the atmosphere.
Yersin uses artificial teak, a greener and hardier alternative to traditional teak wood on deck, an endangered species, traditionally used on yachts decks. A GPS positioning system keeps the yacht in position avoiding to drop an anchor on a fragile marine ecosystems.
Yersin waste water treatment and management system allows us to visits and stay up to 10 days in a pristine area.
YERSIN interior is inspired by the 1930’s passenger ships with the highest possible comfort. The noise and vibration levels underway and at anchor are significantly low. Yersin interior Design is elegant combining modern lines with classic elements like Perzel light fixture, famous designer of the cruise liner Normandie. Most of the furniture and art pieces relates to the cruise liners spirit.
The owner suite is large with an office on starboard side and a settee on port. A super king size bed is leaning against the dressing located at entrance next to a kitchenette. A large bathroom with a wide shower and a tub complete this extremely comfortable suite. The guests suites are located in the vessel “calm zone” to experience the highest possible comfort and low noise level at sea; their beds are modulable and can be organised from a single to a double queen size. A large ensuite bathroom with ample shower complements this cabin.
The lower deck is dedicated to wellbeing and is composed of a large sport section with a treadmill and a runner. For the one preferring a different sport activity, dance bar with an espalier gymnastic are available. A bench with a set of weights, resistance bands and Yoga mats completes this fitness room. Next to it, a relaxing zone with a lounge-bed, a massage room, a Jacuzzi, an Hammam and a large shower complete the SPA. A guest elevator will take you from the Spa to the sun 6 decks above where you will enjoy an all-around panoramic view. There you will share the friendly atmosphere over teppanyaki treats and a good drink whilst looking at the midnight sun comfortably installed in sofas.

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